Weekly Classes

Classes every Saturday morning 10:30-13:30, Sir Graham Balfour School, Stafford.


Once you join MyStage Academy you will have the opportunity to take part in three classes on a Saturday.

YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM – Major UK and International performance opportunities, Self confidence, Vocal technique, Posture, Diction, Flexibility, Team work skills and much more…

Split into 3 age appropriate groups, as you enter each stage you will travel the creative journey of triple threat training for musical theatre performance



Stage 1 will be DANCING. Exploring your physical potential, you will capture the art of expression and safety through dance as well as WOWING your audience with impressive routines in the modern, jazz and street styles.


Stage 2 will be SINGING. Here you will learn and understand essential vocal technique including breathing, diction, dynamics and harmony; as well as adding character and emotion to your performance. This will allow you to confidently perform the wide and contemporary variety of musical theatre repertoire we will cover.


Stage 3 will be DRAMA. Now is the time to leave yourself outside the backstage door and be ready to take on a whole new persona you didn’t know existed. Exploring characterization, improvisation and essential stage craft. Through this interaction you will learn to trust your cast members as well as yourself.